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Dream GiverAt times I feel a little lost in reaching my personal dreams.Even on good days when I work, I love; I move forward in the right direction, and I still wonder if I have accomplished what I need to do.My dreams at times feel miles away even after evaluating, redirecting and continually working toward them.In making this Raku jar I visualize capturing those hopes, goals, and dreams and have them stored by my bed ready to emerge when I awake.Is your jar filled with dreams waiting for you?I read a humorous story by Steven Pressfield and a muse.The principle taught was very strong and applicable.Steven Pressfield wrote a blog called: You, as the Muse Sees You.He shares his vision of how creativity and inspiration work: his Muse flies over the world daily with a jar of fabulous ideas, looking for people who have shown up.He is looking for people who are ready to work.If you are sitting at your desk ready to work or warming up ready to run, the Muse will see you from up high reach in her jar and toss down an idea to you.If the Muse flies over your house day after day and each time you are procrastinating or avoiding what you are meant to do, eventually she gives up and doesn’t stop by anymore.I do believe this principle to be true.It would be nice if a muse really delivered it, but I look at this as inspiration coming from our higher source.Wouldn’t you like it if your accomplished dreams were just handed to you in a jar?What would it be like to be able to achieve your greatest goals when all you had to do was get out your piece of paper and write them down, in detail?How do we make that happen?That is an overpowering question.Our motivation is connected to our feelings and our inspiration is connected to our motivation.This sounds like a vicious circle.This is most likely the reason our dreams and goals seem so far in the future.In order to achieve our dreams, we need to be inspired.In order for us to be inspired, we need to understand our feelings.When we understand what and why we are feeling, we can then be motivated.Sounds easy?This is how:

  1. Make a dream list: We have all heard this one before. When the dream is written down it is more likely to be achieved. Write the dream in detail.
  2. Believe in self, ignoring deterring opinions: This area can be hard; life can pull us in so many different directions. It is important that we know who we are and what our purpose is. We may not know exactly how it will all play out. We do need to understand ourselves enough to take the first step. Our life goals are not to live other people’s dreams; we are aspiring to our own dreams. It is good to help others achieve also and they may be headed in the same direction as we are. Yes, I have friends who walk the same paths with me; which makes our dreams worth living. Yet it is important to realize the great things that we alone are here to achieve.
  3. Acknowledge barriers: This one can take a lifetime of learning. To be the best we can be at what we are meant to be, we need to continually learn and continually share what we have learned.
  4. Start working and keep starting until you accomplish: Have you heard of the 20-Mile March? A key concept of Jim Collins’ 2011 book Great By Choice is the “20-Mile March.”

Explained simply, the 20 Mile March cites the example of the divergence in strategy between the explorers Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott, in their efforts to lead their teams to be the first to the South Pole in October 1911.These two teams took different approaches to achieve their goals.One chose to march 20 miles everyday no matter what the conditions.On good days they marched only 20 miles.In bad conditions they still marched 20 miles.Day after day they kept the pace.Because of this strategy they made their goals where as the other team perished in the wilderness.

If we are taking the next step, we will be assisted.If we are procrastinating, our assistance will also be procrastinated.Take the first step and take the next step.Don’t wait for that inspiration, it will come.Each day, be consistent.Start again and again; take one step, then the next.I made this Raku jar to represent all of our dreams being caught and stored ready for us to use.The driftwood on the top is a signal that we are moving step by step onward and upward.The heart of our dreams and our ability to achieve them are a beautiful thing.Our dreams are there for us.They are waiting for just us.Take these dreams and embrace them; carry them with you in all your daily living.Carry them with you in all the steps required to move them forward.It will start to feel as if your dreams are being tossed down to you.Kristena  http://kristenasfineart.com

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