The Greater Artist of Monument Valley


Monument Valley I often look at the wondrous natural phenomena in the world around us and wish that I could capture and keep them forever; so my attempt to do so is revealed in my painting of Monument Valley.

Monument Valley is a breath-taking masterpiece, a place of wonder, a place of beauty and of peace that is similar to being bathed in warmth on a very cold day, or like a cool breeze in the blast of the sun’s rays. According to the Navajo legends, the giant mitten-shaped buttes fit the hands of the gods. Have you ever visited a place that seemed like God’s playground? When you are there it is like playing in the playground of the gods with a deep conviction that you are safe with sentinels at the gate to protect and to teach. Monument Valley is so immense and intricate; a “Master Artist” must have built it.

Would it not be nice to take that peace and ambiance with us daily? How do we accomplish that? I have learned that peace really does not come from outside of us, but from within. Those moments when we feel the peace, is when our heart is open to receive new life and hope.

The following principles have deepened my understanding of how to maintain that peace:

1-    Interpretation- this may seem a bit strange. How does interpretation bring peace? Early explorers of Monument Valley felt the rocks seemed to be on fire smothering every living thing. Today, it is considered one of the wonders of the world. This same scenario applies in our lives daily. For example, when family members say something rude, we feel bad, but are they trying to be mean? What is our interpretation? We could be angry and lose our peace or we could choose to see their perspective. Were they having a bad day or do they lack the skill to communicate? We cannot know all that is going on in their heads or hearts. We do have the choice of finding peace by looking for understanding instead of taking offense.

2-    Perfection – When I become a perfect artist or when I become a perfect mother, then I will find peace. Does that sound familiar? In reality we are here on this world to learn. Are we born being a perfect artist? No!!! We learn to paint one step at a time, one principle at a time. We learn to see what is in the world one day at a time. It is the same with whatever role we play in life. We learn how to reach our potential one day and one step at a time. Do we ever obtain perfection? Maybe not. Yet if we look back, we see our own great accomplishments. Learn to feel peace in the progress.

Our lives are not easy. Life is not meant to be easy. Some of us have been given struggles that appear insurmountable; and some of us have more struggles than others; yet we build with what we have. And we do so one step at a time, one day at a time. Look for the peace in our struggles, and then be open.

Line upon line, one-step at a time become the Master Artist of your life.




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